Why choose Le Ski?

We're the Chalet Specialists

We have been running catered chalets for over forty years. Way back in 1982, when skis were long and skinny, a little company called Le Ski started taking people on holiday…these people seemed to have a really good time staying in our chalets, and so we carried on. And on, and on (in a good way).

Fast forward to 2023 - skis now come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and Le Ski is still run by the same people...although they too are a slightly different shape nowadays. 

The experience we've gained in forty seasons has proved invaluable - especially as we've recently been hit by the twin tsunami of Brexit and Covid. Brexit has meant that we have had to totally change the way we staff our chalets in the French Alps and we have found a way to maintain our high level of individually tailored service in our 32 chalets. Covid obviously meant many interruptions to our operations since March 2020.

During this time, many of our competitors have not coped with the changes in regulations and the challenges which have been presented and there now remain very few chalet operators who offer proper catering and their own flights and transfers. There are also precious few operators who are fully bonded - an absolutely crucial factor in choosing your holiday provider.

We're still intensely independent because that’s the way we like it, and that’s the way our guests are happiest. And ultimately, that’s what it’s all about.

How do we make our guests happy?

We go on holidays too. So we’ve seen lots of ideas and noticed what works and what doesn’t. We keep those that work, and we tweak those that don’t.

We’re always open to suggestions and we listen to our guests to try and constantly improve the service that we offer. Because we know that service is really, really important.

Courchevel, Val d'Isere and
Courchevel La Tania 

We’ve also kept things simple all this time: we specialise in catered chalet holidays and we only feature 3 snowsure resorts.

We're helpful

Ring us on 01484 548996; our UK team have worked for Le Ski for an impressive 184 years between them! It is very likely that they will know the answer to your question...

We're genuine

We don’t try and complicate things with hidden charges and different service levels. What we describe is what you get on your holiday. Each chalet offers the same high level of food and wine so holiday price differences reflect the position and standard of the chalets themselves. 

We're accommodating

We want you to have a good time, so tell us what you’re after and we’ll see how we can help - just ask!