Val d'Isère

The journey up the winding roads to the Espace Killy makes you realise that you are in the middle of what used to be nowhere! From a series of tunnels you’ll emerge wide-eyed, past the foreboding Grande Motte glacier and the jaw-dropping turquoise reservoir, held up by Atlas and watched over by the sentinel lady of the lake.

You’ll then pass some strangely incongruous apartments which mark the beginning of Val d’Isère – a deep valley, dominated by the Bellevarde and Solaise peaks. Way up in the wilderness as it is, some thought this resort would never work, but nowadays it’s known as a world famous ski area and party-town, by Brits, French and a good smattering of Scandinavians.

This world famous ski area, linked with Tignes, is named after Monsieur Killy, the winner of nearly every category of the 1968 Olympics, who learnt to ski here.

For those who have the stamina to ski all day and party all night, Val d’Isère is your Mecca. Choose from chic cocktail bars to rowdy sports pubs, catch a live band or have a few games of pool or table football. There is plenty to do for families in Val d'Isere too. Ice-skating, 
Aquasportif, Val Kids adventure park on the slopes, and the village perdu...

There’s a huge selection of restaurants for lunch or your chalet host's nights off, ranging from the usual pizzas and steak to all manner of fancy fare. There’s a wide range of shops too; and keep an eye open for the Patisserie whose window displays are award winning and extremely enticing.

Getting around is easy, with the free buses running regularly to and from each end of Val d’Isère, should you get waylaid on the way home from the slopes, or prefer not to waste time walking to the bar!


Location Val d'Isère

The Lowdown

  • Highest lift: 3456m
  • 300km of pistes
  • 10 Le Ski chalets (see here for interactive chalet map)
  • Off-piste mecca
Val d'Isere is probably the most famous ski resort in the world. Le Ski have been operating catered chalets here since 1992. We have seen a huge improvement in the lift system and the village facilities. If you haven't skied in Val d'Isere you are missing out on a legendary place.

Le Ski operate 10 chalets here, with various styles and sizes available. Our chalets here sleep from 6 to 16 guests. Call 01484 548996 with any questions or see our Val d'Isere chalets 

Piste Map - Val d'Isère

Val d’Isère is a dramatic resort with an excellent lift system. There are easy links to Tignes which make it a huge skiing area, renowned for challenging skiing and vast off-piste areas. This is not to say that novices are overlooked – they can warm up on the free ‘Village’ drag, then opt for the ‘Ski Tranquille’ area around Borsat.

More experienced skiers should try out ‘Criterium’ in La Daille, venturing to ‘Mattis’ in the trees during snowy weather. A trip over to Tignes is simple and quick and opens up all manner of options for skiing and sampling the vin chaud! Advanced skiers will enjoy the challenge of speeding down La Face (the Olympic downhill in 1992) at the end of the day. Those who have come to sample the famous powder have almost unlimited options - take a professional guide...

Chalets in Val d'Isère

Le Ski operate 10 chalets here, sleeping from 6 to 16 guests
Val d'Isère | 8 guests
Chalet La Grande Casse - Val d'Isere
Stylishly refurbished chalet for 8 guests
  • Classy and beautifully furnished chalet 
  • Stunning refurbishment now complete
  • Upgraded and enlarged lounge
  • Comprehensive shuttle service
  • Use of outdoor hot tubs
Val d'Isère | 14 guests
Chalet La Saulire - Val d'Isere
Spacious chalet with log fireplace and outdoor hot tub
  • Quality chalet for 14 guests 
  • Recently upgraded
  • Comprehensive shuttle service
  • Use of outdoor hot tubs
  • Group discounts for filling chalet
Val d'Isère | 6 guests
Chalet La Face - Val d'Isere
Spacious stylish top floor chalet apartment
  • Light and airy chalet 
  • Extremely comfortable and popular
  • Comprehensive shuttle service
  • Contemporary bathrooms
  • Use of outdoor hot tubs
Val d'Isère | 14 guests
Chalet Le Bel Air - Val d'Isere
Quality chalet with fabulous views and outdoor hot tub
  • Beautiful lounge and dining areas
  • Comprehensive shuttle service
  • Stylishly decorated chalet
  • Use of outdoor hot tubs
  • Group discounts for filling chalet
Val d'Isère | 14 guests
Chalet Bellevarde - Val d'Isere
Spacious and comfortable South-facing chalet
  • Recently thoroughly refurbished
  • Fabulous views 
  • Comprehensive shuttle service
  • Use of outdoor hot tubs
  • Group discounts for filling chalet
  • Log fireplace
Val d'Isère | 12 guests
Chalet Angelique - Val d'Isere
Mini stately home close to the pistes and lifts!
  • Extremely classy chalet
  • Very comfortable and spacious
  • Log fireplace
  • Excellent location
  • Highly unusual property
Val d'Isère | 10 guests
Chalet La Belle Etoile - Val d'Isere
Truly outstanding chalet with wonderful views
  • A chalet of the highest quality
  • Beautifully decorated and furnished
  • Huge bright and spacious lounge
  • Hot tub and sauna
  • Comprehensive shuttle service
Val d'Isère | 10 guests
Chalet Kanjiroba - Val d'isere
Extremely classy and spacious chalet for 10
Val d'Isère | 16 guests
Chalet Du Berger - Val d'Isere
Great value chalet close to the slopes
  • Traditional cosy chalet
  • Peaceful location close to slopes
  • Excellent value for money
  • Full of character
  • Boot warmers
Val d'Isère | 14 guests
Chalet Roc Merlet - Val d'Isere
Contemporary and spacious chalet with outdoor hot tubs
  • Totally renovated lounge/dining areas
  • Quality chalet for 14 guests 
  • Use of outdoor hot tubs
  • Comprehensive shuttle service
  • Group discounts for filling chalet
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