Good travel Insurance is vital 

Make sure the policy you choose provides cover for the activities you are planning to do.

Le Ski Ltd. do not advise on any insurance products.

Get a free GHIC card too 

This Global Health Insurance Card card has replaced the old EHIC card since our exit from the EU.
Full details here - they're free

You are obliged to take out adequate insurance cover

Our booking conditions here insist that you take out a high level of cover.

There are many policies nowadays which cover you for costs incurred by Covid related interuptions or curtailments to your holiday. We cannot be held responsible for any extra costs incurred by you in resort.


Winter Sports Insurance

We like to ensure that all our guests have the correct cover in place, so please make sure you get the right policy.

We cannot be held responsible if you do not take out a policy which is adequte for your needs.

Many skiers travel abroad without insurance or inadequate cover - don't be one of them!