Let's try and keep winters white...

Like you, we spend most of our time daydreaming about being in the snowy Alps and enjoy every day that we are out there. However, we recognise the fragility of this Alpine environment and know that we need to take more care of it if we want to keep enjoying our winters there. Here's what changes we've made so far and some tips on how you can travel more sustainably. 

Before you travel

Check your kit 

If you no longer fit your kit or have noticed some damage, consider these more environmentally-friendly options than buying new: 
Repair – Find out where and how to get kit repaired online – click here.

Rent – it’s a great way to stay on trend too! Check out: Eco-Ski & Ski Chic.  
Buy (and sell!) second hand – online from WhoSki, Vinted and eBay. In the three Valleys One Tree at a Time also have re-purposed kit including some well known, high quality brands! 

Carbon offset

The approximate amount of carbon produced with a return trip from the UK to Chambery is: MAN-CMF 0.438 tonnes & GAT-CMF 0.364 tonnes. Online calucluator - click here

We recommend donating £10 to help compensate your carbon to One Tree at a Time - a local association that works on environmental issues in the Alps – click here. If you prefer to donate to a UK based organisation, we also recommend the Woodland Trust – click here.

Quick tips 

Save luggage weight and pack what you need. We provide towels & hair dryers.

Reduce plastic - bring a re-usable water bottle and re-fill once you're through security at the airport and choose reduced plastic toiletries such as shampoo bars. 

Plan your journey. Can you use public transport to get to the airport?  

In resort

Understand your local environment

Ski resorts are in fragile Alpine environments and we need to do the best we can to protect these if we are to continue winter sports for years to come.

The best place to start is to understand your local environment.

In your Chalet you will find a Resort Information folder with details on the local geography, Alpine environment, wildlife and local culture. Have a read as you tuck into your afternoon tea!

The tourist information office is also a great place to go to find out more.

Talk to us

Staff can tell you more about what we’re doing as a company but we’d love your suggestions too so please let us know if you have any ideas! Add a comment to your holiday feedback form or e-mail us: greenpolicies@leski.com.


There are notices in your chalet on how to separate your waste and we have separator bins in our kitchens. Please ask your Chalet Host if you’re unsure!

Quick tips

Take everything home – if you have clothing or equipment you no longer want please still take it home because this waste puts a lot of pressure on the local environment.

Turn off lights in the chalet when you leave.

Don’t litter on the mountain, once the snow melts lots of rubbish gets revealed.

What are Le Ski doing?


It’s taken a little while to get there… but all our UK booking systems are now paperless! That’s a lot of trees saved.

Sustainable menu

We adapted our menu with sustainability in mind to reduce waste and carbon footprint. Ask your Chalet Host for more information.

Electric car charging point

Our shuttle service for some Val d’Isere chalets uses electric vehicles, charged on site!

Donating surplus food

At the end of the season we donate surplus food supplies to locals and charities.

In recent years we have donated to Care for Calis and the ‘Convoi D’Aide Alpin’ which took food and supplies to Ukraine to help refugees.

Staff training

Staff are educated on their local environment and how to protect it as well as sharing ideas during their pre-season training.

Separate waste

Most of our chalets have separator bins so we can organise waste and recycling properly. Staff are trained on how to do this.

Community collaboration

Staff get involved in local community events such as those organised by One Tree At a Time who host ‘Fix It’ events to repair ski it kit and ‘Climb it for Climate’ hikes to raise awareness of sustainability issues in the Alps.


In Val d’Isere Cacholet chalets our thermostats are programmed and controlled remotely to maintain comfortable temperatures and improve energy efficiency.

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