Chalet Support


Chalet Support

Also known as Super-Hosts as they step in and save the day if a Chalet Host is ill or injured! Seamlessly providing the same high level of service to our guests as their host would, they are confident, organised and capable in the kitchen as well as sociable and hospitable to our loyal customers.

When you are not covering in a chalet, you'd be working on a rota to help out around the resort, so need to be flexible and enthusiastic at getting stuck in.

What we’re looking for

Passionate cooks who are willing, naturally helpful and not afraid of hard work.

The nature of this job means that you'll need to be flexible enough to make yourself home in any kitchen and quickly make the guests feel welcome and comfortable whilst cooking up a delicious, top quality meal. You'll probably have already spent time working in a chalet or another catering environment.

Watch Bettie's  video where she tells us how she feels part of a team that works really well together and how guests keep returning due to the Le Ski staff.

Your responsibility

Whilst working on a rota you'll be an extra pair of hands for the Chalet Manager, helping Chalet Hosts with their daily tasks, or assisting with shopping or cleaning. You will be expected to assume the role of Chalet Host in the event of illness or injury, stepping in to cook, clean and host in a chalet, often at short notice so you'll need to be a very confident cook.

In our La Tania chalets, this post carries the specific responsibility for the preparation of children’s high teas.

You will report to the Chalet Manager.

Skills and experience

- You should be a willing person who is able to adapt quickly and cheerfully

- You'll need strong catering skills, probably with previous season or catering experience

- You should have held a driving licence for more than two years

- You must hold a valid British/EU passport and NI number