These early booking offers are genuine money savers and will end on 31st July 2024. 35% booked already...

FREE lift passes - save up to 395 € each!!

For 22 December 2024 and all four January departures (5,12,19, 26 January 2025) we offer a FREE 6-day Espace Killy or Three Valleys pass for everyone. 

You must use a Le Ski flight and pay your balance by 1st October 2024 to qualify for free lift passes. This free lift pass offer closes on 31st July 2024.

Free group places do not apply where a lift pass is being given.

Read more about lift passes here

Loyalty and Child Discounts

How our loyalty scheme works 

We count ourselves very lucky to have such loyal guests who choose Le Ski for their ski holiday.

If it’s your third holiday with us in a five season period we’ll give you 10% off.

Please note that loyalty discounts only apply for holidays taken in the last 5 years and to full priced bookings. Discounts of over 20% cannot be combined with loyalty bonus.

Child discounts
(age on departure date)

Infants (under 2)
£200, which includes cot and highchair. Infants sit on parents' laps on flights and coach transfers.

Aged 2-4 inclusive 
In parents' room on a folding bed or mattress = 50% reduction
In own room in La Tania = 20% reduction
in own room in Courchevel and Val d'Isere = 15% reduction

Aged 5-12 inclusive 
In parents' room on a folding bed or mattress = 35% reduction
In own room in La Tania = 15% reduction
in own room in Courchevel and Val d'Isere = 10% reduction

FREE places for groups 

These group discounts are for 2024-25 bookings made before 31st July 2024 

Mazot (8) = 0.5 free place
Mollard (8) = 0.5 free place
Mistral (8) = 0.5 free place
Golden Eagle (10) = 1 free place
Eagle's Nest (10) = 1 free place
Le Notus (10) = 1.5 free places
Prem de Cord (10) = 1.5 free places
Rikiki (22) = 2 free places

La Tania
Bois d'Emeraude (8) = 0.5 free place
Michele (8) = 0.5 free place
Le Rabel (23) = 3 free places
MarMau (23) = 3 free places

Val d'Isere
Grande Casse (8) = 0.5 free place
Kanjiroba (10) = 1 free place
Belle Etoile (10-12) = 1 free place
Angelique (12) = 1.5 free places
Bel Air (14) = 2 free places
Roc Merlet (14) = 2 free places
La Saulire (14) = 2 free places
Bellevarde (14) = 2 free places
Du Berger (16) = 2 free places

As well as these free places for filling a chalet we also offer 1 FREE place for every 8 people booking in Chalets Bellevarde, Saulire, Roc Merlet, Bel Air, Du Berger, Angelique, Le Rabel and MarMau so you don’t even have to fill the chalet, just find seven friends...

Please note that you must fill the chalet at the time of original booking. Later additions will not count towards free places.

Free places apply on all dates unless a free ski pass is being given.

32 catered chalets with flights 

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